Key words: Systems pharmacology,Network pharmacology, Systems biology,Traditional Chinese Medicine

Systems pharmacology is an emerging field that integrates systems biology and pharmacology to advance the process of drug discovery, development and the understanding of therapeutic mechanisms. The aim of the present database is to highlight the role that the systems pharmacology plays across the traditional Chinese medicine discipline. First, based on critically examined pharmacology and clinical knowledge, we have collected all the 499 herbs registered in Chinese pharmacopoeia (2010), with a total of 12144 chemicals. Second, we focus on the exploration of the active ingredients and targets by carrying out complex structure-, omics- and network-based systematic investigations. Third, specific informatics methods are developed to infer drug-disease connections, with purpose to understand how drugs work on the specific targets and pathways. TCMSP allows for the systematization of current and traditional knowledge of herbal medicines and, importantly, for the development of new drugs for complex human diseases.

The searching module provides four functions: (1) herbal information, (2) ADME data for each compound, (3) targets, and (4) diseases information. The searching results include: all compounds with 3D structures, ADME data, drug-target networks, target-disease networks. Moreover, this platform also provides a chemical screening process based on ADME features.

Detailed tutorial for help is provided in "How to search" from which a movie can be freely downloaded.

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